Shortlists of Undervalued Stocks

Get quick access to a list of potential undervalued stocks. Every month, we screen through thousands of companies, filtering the stock universe based on our investment criteria to derive this list of potential stocks traded below their intrinsic values. We will be publishing 2 shortlists - net-net companies & companies' P/B traded at a 5-year historical low. Browse over 1,000 potential stocks from United States (USA), Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Thailand!

Monthly Company Analysis

Members will get access to 12 stock research write-ups per year (1 write-up per month). Besides just publishing a list of potential undervalued opportunities, such write-ups offer insights as to how we will analyse a stock and a framework on how you can analyse other stocks too! At times, we will highlight some companies that we deem to be value traps, whereby we find the company exhibiting red flags and this is valuable in avoiding a permanent loss of capital. Ultimately, while we are interested in the return on capital, we place a huge emphasis on the return of capital.

1-on-1 Help

Not sure how to properly execute the strategy or utilise the value screeners? Confused over any of the investment case studies we shared? We offer 1-on-1 support for all our ValueScreener members. Simply send over any burning question you may have to and you'll get timely and relevant answers allowing you to start creating your market beating portfolio!

Access Our Educational Resources

We have written numerous value investing articles with topics ranging from investment philosophy to behavioural psychology when investing. Such articles will contain critical fundamental knowledge that will help you quickly speed up your learning process. In terms of the content difficulty, we have catered it to both beginners and yet still relevant to experienced investors.

General FAQ

Every month, you will get access to:

1) 1 write-up of a company I am interested in

2) 2 shortlists of stocks that have been screened based on my investment criteria

Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds for InvestingNook ValueScreener membership. Since InvestingNook ValueScreener members have immediate access to all investment analysis reports, we can’t provide refunds once the service has commenced.

Your membership fees will never change as long as you’re a member. If you join now for S$99 per year, for example, you could still be paying that same S$99 per year 20 years from now.

The stock screens are updated at the last day of each month. Again, our aim is to provide members with high quality investment opportunities which ultimately means depth of coverage rather than breadth of coverage. In our view, lists that are updated bimonthly or even daily add little value.

The stock ideas are updated at the last day of each month.

InvestingNook ValueScreener currently covers 7 countries – Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. This is subject to change based on member requests or market developments.

Definitely! If you are interested in attending any of workshops/talks you may check out our Events Schedule over here or follow us on our Instagram page here for any updates.

Feel free to email us at regarding any question you may have. We usually reply in less than 24 hours!


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