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InvestingNook has seen a few changes over the years, being first known as ValueEdge. However, at its core, it has always been about the journey of learning and sharing timeless investing wisdom.

The best way to learn about investing is really the following three ways:

  • Learning from others
  • Learning from experience
  • Learning from history

Ultimately, I find writing helps clarify my thoughts and hopefully through this, readers would find some value in their own investment journey.

Investing is truly a lifetime learning process; hence, one might as well start now.

About Me

Tee Leng, Goh

Tee Leng is a portfolio manager of a value-focused investment fund based in Singapore, with close to 10 years of experience. He is a frequent guest speaker at institutions such as University College London (UCL) and Singapore Management University (SMU), and at investment conferences held in Singapore and Jakarta.

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