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InvestingNook is about the journey of learning and sharing timeless investing wisdom. Moreover, we believe that the best way to learn about investing is really the following three ways: (1) Learning from others, (2) Learning from experience and (3) Learning from history. With the sharing of our knowledge and experience, we hope that it would help readers become better investors and achieve financial freedom.

Shortlists of Undervalued Stocks

Every month, get quick access to a list of potential stocks traded at a significant discount to their underlying intrinsic values (net net companies and low P/B compared to 5-year historical). Browse over 1,000 potential stocks from United States (USA), Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Thailand!

Monthly Company Analysis

Every month, we will be sharing compelling opportunities, where we present a short write-up of a company, highlighting the various aspects of the company. This monthly profile would also offer investors a framework on how to analyse stock ideas.

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We have written articles to help investors develop their strategy. A beginner at investing? We have specific articles prepared to teach you how to invest step by step with a vast library of articles over at InvestingNook, topics ranging from investment philosophies to dealing with behavioural psychology when investing.


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